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Goods staging for Key customers

Customer Background

SAP Solution: SD, WM, MM – Goods Staging Module.

Industry – FMCG


  • System reliability
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility
  • Significant manual processing and errors
  • Lower Customer Satisfaction of high revenue customers
  • Lack of integration to electronic data transfer with customers
  • Drive up efficiency and reduce the effort

Client’s EDI Customers (i.e. top N high revenue customers) require ASN – Advanced Shipment Notification. The ASN number should be same as the Tax invoice number as well. Once a ASN is created and sent across to the customer through EDI the customer will advice to deliver the goods to their warehouse in a particular date and time.

However the key challenge was that the ASN needs to be the Tax invoice number which meant that the Post Goods Issue process of the Document had to be completed and the stock had to be staged and stored for at least four to five days in CLIENT warehouse itself before they physically get dispatched to the customer.

CLIENT was using a excel sheet based solution for this and wasted substantial time and resources in trying to keep track and visibility of the “staged stock” in their warehouse during the staging period.


Perisoft developed a “extension solution”  using ABAP for staging of Customer Delivery Pallets using RF transaction. The functionality is used for the major EDI customers where an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) is first sent to the customer and once acknowledged by the customer, the physical Transportation and shipments activities are processed.

Major functionalities include:

  • Putaway of already Picked and Packed Pallets to a staging rack or staging lane
  • Identification of the packed pallet when the truck arrives
  • Picking and Loading of these staged pallets into truck and completing the shipment.

Implementation High Lights

  • This solution is an IP of Perisoft and CLIENT has been selected by Smart Supply Chain forum for a potential award for the implementation of this module and connote generation in SAP.
  • Integrated Solution in SAP and eliminated manual processing and Excel sheets solutions
  • Reduction of one FTE who was just used for this purpose
  • Complete Visibility and Transparency making the shipment process very easy and fast.
  • Significant improvement in CLIENT’s customer satisfaction for its top clients by implementing the solution to other major customers who requested this option.
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