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Case Study for Business Objects (Real time reporting)

Customer Background

SAP Solution: SAP Business Objects

Industry – Electronics Manufacturing and Field Services 


  • Real time operational reporting
  • Significant effort and extensive delays to access information for better decision making
  • Sub-optimal Customer Service and relationship management
  • Improve efficiency without adding headcount

Client uses its system that is hosted by the Parent in France. Client deals with selling, Leasing and servicing the EFT Machines to super markets, Retail Banks, Retail shops and all merchandise shops. Reporting was very inefficient and was very time consuming and due to the dependency on the Global team based out of France, Australian operation’s needs and challenges were not attended to as a priority.


Perisoft provided SAP BusinessObjects EDGE BI software licenses and implemented their reporting solution with a road map of enabling Client’s Australian team to the adhoc reporting features as well to make them self-reliant. The project was very cost effective compared to the Parent company internal cost and lead times for developing various adhoc reports. The presentation features of BusinessObjects was an added bonus of the project where the customer where presented with excellent interactive graphical format reports by the sales rep on the run.

Key functionality delivered include:

  • DIFOT Analysis ( Delivery in Full On time)
  • KPI reporting to analyze the SLA’s with the customers for the field services

Implementation High Lights

  • Integrated Solution with SAP ERP and avoiding Excel sheet based solutions and etc.
  • Zero dependency on Client France IT team
  • Excellent through put of Reports and dashboards.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and vital statistics to demonstrate the SLA’s and etc.
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